Control Joints

If you don't want cracks you're going to need some cuts.  We have tackled slabs from 1 million square foot tilt-ups to single car garages.  With specialty Soff-Cut saws big and small, we have the right equipment and people to get the job done right.

Break and Remove

Whatever the depth and 1/4" to 30" in diameter, we have the ability to drill what you need.  Our professionals are trained to get the job done while keeping the site clean, inside or out.

Commercial / Industrial / Residential

We take pride in providing professional cutting services at a fair price.  Our business is family owned and operated, licensed and insured.  Big enough to handle it, small enough to care.  With 40+ years experience in the industry, we know what it takes to get the job done right.  Time is money and KCC will do what it takes to keep you on schedule.  Whether you're a general contractor or a home owner we will give you the respect and quality service that our customers deserve.

Our Services



Core Drilling

Asphalt or concrete, with our powerful diesel saws we can get your outdoor cutting done fast and efficient.  For your interior cutting needs our electric saws and industrial vacuums perform in sensitive areas with professional results.

Wall Saw

Driveway extensions, new approaches, handicap ramps, manholes, bollards, etc.  Kippen Concrete Cutting will get it done.. just make sure you contact the city first :)

Flat Saw

Being a professional concrete cutter has its advantages when it comes to demo.  We keep it a clean and smooth process by using our equipment and know how to dice it up and haul it off without making a mess of things. 

Whether its keeping your basement windows up to code or cutting in that doorway someone forgot, we'll get it cut right so you can move on with your project.

Curb Saw

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